I am having problems placing an order

When entering payment details, please ensure you enter the billing address at which the card is registered, and a contact phone number so we can get in touch if we have a query. During checkout, it is extremely important that you enter all information exactly as it is shown on your bank or card statement so that we can verify the genuine cardholder has authorised the transaction.

If the billing address or the security code does not match that which is on file with your bank or card issuer, authorisation is not given for any reason or the issuing bank cannot support verification efforts, we reserve the right to cancel the order without notification.

If you have verified your details and still have problems, please contact our customer services team for assistance (details are at the bottom of this page). It will help us to investigate the issue if you have the following details ready:

- your full name

- email address

- payment method

- last 4 digits of the card

- the name of the product you were trying to order

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